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Welcome to the Seoul Gyopo Guide! This blog is to share, from a Korean’s, and a Korean-American’s view, all things Korea. The reason that I am writing this blog is because I was born in America but I believe in Korea. I want to see Korea and Koreans succeed. As a Korean, I am proud of all that has been accomplished. As a Korean-American, I see that even greater heights can be reached.

For those of you that do not know much about Korea, the Seoul Gyopo Guide has something for you as well. Given that I have spent the majority of my life outside of Korea, I can bring the “foreigner’s” perspective. As an American, I can tell you that we had better get moving forward, or find a new way to prosper. Countries like Korea are thriving at the company level because it is very close to 2.5 billion people in China and India. There are only 45 million people in South Korea. Simple division tells you why Goldman Sachs projected that South Korea may have the largest per capital GDP in the world in the future. World-class products made by Korean companies are being sold to the largest, most populous countries in the world. It isn’t difficult to understand why Europe and US need to understand Korea, and countries like Korea. The Seoul Gyopo Guide can help you understand how Koreans think, why the economy is run as it is, and most importantly, this blog hopefully makes one thing perfectly clear: if you believe that Korea and other countries will fail or roll over when faced with challenges, then you need to re-adjust your perspective right now before it is too late.

To my fellow Koreans, you may find many of the posts offensive. It is NOT because I find Korea offensive. It IS because many of the aspects that many native Koreans take for granted are incomprehensible to non-Koreans. As Korea grows in wealth and stature on the global stage, it faces difficult choices. The rules of engagement with the rest of the world are ones that the international community has established, and follows. To choose NOT to follow those rules at all would be tantamount to not accepting its well-deserved position amongst the global elite. It is the goal of this blog to point out what foreigners may find strange about Korea, and why. Only then can Korea, for its collective self, decide which road to take. Some of these choices will inevitably be unpleasant, and Korea does not have a favorable history in dealing with outside influences. Nevertheless, the long-term prosperity of the Korean peninsula may rest on reconciling long-held beliefs with global practices.

Welcome to the Seoul Gyopo Guide. 반갑습니다. 진심으로 환영합니다.

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