If You Have Subscribed in the Past, You Have Received an Email….

First, Thanks to One of the Readers
A reader sent me an email, to warn me that a potentially bogus email was being sent to everyone that has subscribed to the Seoul Gyopo Guide in the past. First and foremost, THANK YOU for doing this. It was an unsolicited act of selflessness. Second, the email is LEGITIMATE. This blog post is proof.

Please Subscribe
Previous subscribers have sent me an email which has given permission to read a couple of private posts. The reason for the private posts? There is sensitive information (some of it known, and some of the information may be new). In addition, there is information in there that will make you better informed about certain topics (if that is your niche). The Seoul Gyopo Guide wasn’t created to send out sensitive information about wages, prices, to the general public. For those keenly interested, there is specific information.

ABSOLUTE Respect of Privacy
You information isn’t going to be distributed. I will provide links to stuff that I believe in, or PERSONALLY USE, ONLY. For example, I am the hugest proponent of the Amazon Kindle ON THE PLANET. IF YOU LIVE IN KOREA, GET the 3G VERSION. IT WORKS IN KOREA. Amazon Cloud Reader is FREE. Classic books in English are available for FREE. It could not be any more obvious. If you have any legitimate reason to not do this, please state it here so that I can change my mind. I defy you to do so (steps down from soapbox).

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